Swiss women strike to demand equal pay Switzerland

This reluctance by the Federal Council to act on the issue became a recurring theme over the following decades. Several attempts by Swiss parliamentarians to get the Federal Council to act were unsuccessful as well. The Federal Council continued to refuse to address the issue until 1951, when the Federal Council responded to the parliament that it was too early to introduce political rights for women.

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Using this and other techniques, Iris helped increase the number of women in leadership positions withing a very short amount of time. Annemarie Schwarzenbach was not what her family or society expected of a woman in the 1930s. The first time Abassia Rahmani tried running with blades she felt a sense of freedom she’d not experienced since losing her legs at the age of 16. For this post, I reached out to the book writers who shared these six stories from the book along with a little more about who they are and why they decided to do this project. Reading about actual people are what really drive me to be interested into the complex web of society in any given country and Switzerland is certainly no different now that Zug is “home“ in addition to Florence, Italy. In fact, if you have yet to check out my “locals I love” series – this might be the time. The canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden was the last jurisdiction in Europe to grant women’s suffrage.

We wrote this book together, in three months, with 99% of our communication happening over Zoom and WhatsApp. Seeing women in leadership, seeing women living their dreams, seeing women being celebrated—no matter the domain—not only inspires girls, but changes what people believe is normal or even possible for women. However, a book like this is a huge undertaking – the research and interviews and writing take a great deal of time and devotion. She looked among her female writer friends who were just as inspired by the project as she was to create a team. Now Iris develops simple solutions to remove bias from the workplace, government and schools. It’s very difficult to change how we think, but it’s easy to change our environment and the way we work like removing names from job applications to help managers focus on the applicant’s qualifications, not their gender.

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  • The Foundation of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, which supports the guard financially, has already raised about 37 million francs and needs to raise about 7.5 million more, Boscardin told Reuters.
  • From the first female Swiss president to a women who drove long-haul trucks or was the first blade runner in the country.
  • VATICAN CITY, May 4 – The new barracks of the Vatican Swiss guards will be built to accommodate female members if Pope Francis or his successors allow women to join the elite and colourfully dressed force.
  • However, there is no way to determine whether the Swiss men would have accepted the introduction of women’s suffrage earlier if the Federal Council would have pushed the issue.
  • The result of Sunday’s vote paves the way for the country’s first pension reform in 25 years and is intended to stabilise the national pension situation at least for the next few years.

Whether you’re looking for a new hit for your own wardrobe or a gift for someone else, discover women’s fashion clothing at Alpine Swiss. In the first federal elections in which women were allowed to participate, held on October 31, 1971, ten women were elected to theNational Council and one woman to theCouncil of States. A women’s rights sign was projected on the Roche Tower in Basel ahead of the strike. Friday’s protest may be the first of a series to highlight women’s issues, said Noemi Blazquez Benito, the strike organizer in Geneva. On Tuesday, Switzerland was also named as one of the least family-friendly European countries in a report from Unicef. The country granted women paid maternity leave in 2005, but there is still no statutory paternity leave.

Switzerland’s neighboring countries Germany and France have enacted or are discussing parity laws aimed at countering female underrepresentation in parliament. In 2019, a parliamentary initiative was submitted in Switzerland to require all parties to present an equal number of female and male candidates on the electoral party lists; however, parliament did not take up the issue. In general, support for parity acts in politics is low, as shown in a survey conducted among the Swiss parties in 2019. The obligation took effect on January 1, 2021, and requires companies to comply or to explain why the quota is not met. Nearly 30 years after the first strike, women across Switzerland staged mass demonstrations for equal pay. In addition to the exclusion criteria, the screening questionnaire also recorded whether the currently subjectively healthy participants show a history of depression.

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A paid work strike, a domestic work strike, a care strike, a school strike and a consumer strike. So that our work becomes visible, so that our demands are understood, so that the public sphere becomes something for all women,” the organizers wrote. A giant model of a used tampon, another symbol of the movement, was tossed above the heads of the women in the square outside the Federal Assembly in Bern. Crowds gathered outside the Federal Assembly in Bern, closed off roads in Central Zurich and marched through the streets of Geneva in a protest movement that included demonstrations large and small in all of Switzerland’s major towns and cities. The 85-year-old Pope Francis has already named women to several high positions in the Vatican administration.

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Switzerland gears up to vote in same-sex marriage referendum

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The subsequent proposal of the Federal Council included women’s suffrage at the federal level, but left voting at the cantonal and communal level to be determined by cantonal law. On February 7, 1971, Swiss men accepted women’s suffrage 65.7% to 34% after a more than 100-year long fight. The first referendum on women’s suffrage held in 1959 was rejected by 66.9% of voters and an overwhelming majority of the Swiss cantons . Three cantons, namely Vaud, Geneva, and Neuchâtel, that had voted in favor of women’s suffrage, started granting women political rights for cantonal and municipal elections after the failed first federal referendum. However, not all remaining cantons followed suit after the 1971 federal referendum, with paragraph 4 of the amended article 74 retaining the sovereignty of the cantons with regard to cantonal and municipal elections. (BV, art. 8, para. 3; formerly art.4, para. 2.) On April 28, 1991—30 years ago today—women in Appenzell Inner-Rhoden were finally able to join their peers and vote in cantonal elections .

The section on political rights in the 1848 Constitution simply stated that “Swiss citizens” have the right to vote and did not explicitly bar women from the right to vote or to stand for election. However, the prevalent legal practice at the time treated women and men differently based on their biological differences.

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